Some Antenna Pictures

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Some pictures of our Asia beverage, showing the varied terrain around it.


Update Sept 22nd


After an uneventful journey, we set up our antennas on Thursday in good, but windy weather. This year’s antenna park include a 900 meter beverage at 60 degrees, a 550 meter beverage at 295 degrees, a SuperKaz at 40 degrees and a dipol.

The likely nr. 1 DX highlight of the expedition came already on Thursday evening as more than a decade of chasing Australia on medium wave finally came to an end! 891 ABC 5AN in Adelaide made it through with a fairly good signal at times. Heard by many in Sweden last season, it should be possible to hear in the southern part of Norway as well, and so it was. Svein Jakob Hollerud was the first to hear Australia in southern Norway over 30 years ago, but very few loggings have been made here “down south” since then.


Later on Thursday a bunch of lively Philipinos joined the party, with a very strong 1350 DWUN Radioy La Verdad, Manila, and several others, including 594 DZBB Super Radio, Quezon City, 702 DZAS FEBC, Valenzuela, 846 DZRV Radio Veritas Asia, Quezon City as well as signals on frequencies like 630 and 990 kHz.  Then at 2000 UTC and later, the Chinese bombed in, with signals on many frequencies. On the western front, little of interest was heard, with a common fare of US East Coasters, Newfoundland and Cuba.

Friday was a rainy day which kept us mostly inside, checking recordings. An exquisite choice of high-quality beers, carefully selected by aficionados Geir and Olav, kept us through the evening, until Asia began to appear again. The stations were weaker and less interesting than the night before, possibly due to a slight disturbance. Sapporo on 1440 was a new one for us though. Cricket fans might  have enjoyed AIR’s coverage of the match between India and Bangladesh, which could be noted on many frequencies, but few, if any, new. Towards North America, the night was very poor, judging by a few live checks.

Actually, the highlight of Friday came when Geir went along the Asia beverage and on returning stumbled across…..a lynx!! This shy creature often moves close to human areas, but is almost never seen.


(Photo: John Linnell)

Today we will head for the highest moutain close to our camp, Spåtind, at 1414 meters above sea level. Yesterday’s rain may have fallen as snow higher up, but we’ll see how far we get.


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Expeditions need supplies. These are some of this year’s supplies:



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The dates for the LEN14 DXpedition will be Sep. 20 – Sep. 23 2018.

LEN12 – October 2016

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The dates for the LEN12 DXpedition will be Oct.. 13 – oct. 16 2016.

Brief summary LEN11 Oct. 7.-11th 2015

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Conditons were mostly dismal this time, especially towards the Americas, where close to nothing was heard. A dedicated La Plata-antenna might have provided more results, but antenna opportunities in that direction are limited. In easternly direction, we started off on day 1 with a mix of Iran, Middle East and Ethiopia due to the heavily disturbed conditions, while on day 2 and 3 conditions changed slowly, allowing more Indian stations to come through along with all the Iranians. On the last day, many stations in India, Pakistan and the neighbouring countries were heard, but mostly fairly high powered stations only. Actually, the most fun was DXing Iranian regional stations, where we have so far noted local IDs on 13 different frequencies. Loggings include 1377 IRIB R Zahedan, 801 IRIB R Khorasan and tentatively 1125 IRIB R Qasvin. Gulf stations like 1152 Voice of Kerala and 1269 R Asia were also coming in well at times. A log will follow.

Hopefully conditions will be better next time, but life in the mountains in mid-October, with DXing, hiking, relaxing and enjoying good food and beverages is not that bad…. That’s why we keep coming back. Even a little work, which some of us had to this time, is easier done in a cabin at 1000 metres altitude than back at the workplace!

Some Audio Samples from LEN11 (October 2015)

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